WhatsApp: Central government reviewing changes in WhatsApp user policy

WhatsApp: Central government reviewing changes in WhatsApp user policy


WhatsApp: Central government reviewing changes in WhatsApp user policy  

The central government is reviewing the recent changes in the privacy policy of consumers made by WhatsApp. According to sources, the government has decided to assess the change in view of consumer concerns. There has been debate over privacy breach around the world over the controversial announcement of WhatsApp linking its consumer data to other Facebook products and services. Sources say that the impact of the recent move of the Facebook-owned messaging platform in the Ministry of Information Technology is under discussion. Sources said that this issue needs to be reviewed in detail. A large number of consumers, including many business giants, have expressed concern about WhatsApp's recent move. WhatsApp has more than 400 million subscribers in the country. India is one of the largest markets of WhatsApp globally.

According to sources, the change in WhatsApp policy will be assessed in the context of the current legal framework. Though the IT Ministry has not yet sought any clarification from WhatsApp, a decision can be taken soon. There is currently no law on data security in the country. Due to this, the government is also worried. The Cambridge Analytica data theft case is already underway on Facebook and is being investigated.

WhatsApp last week reported these changes to consumers through an 'in-app' notification. The company has said that consumers will have to agree to the new terms and policy by February 8 to continue using its platform. After this, a large number of 'mimes' are going on on the internet by WhatsApp to share user information with Facebook. Along with celebrities like Alan Mashk, Anand Mahindra, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Sameer Nigam, a large number of people are moving to platforms like Telegram and Signal to delete WhatsApp.

We are ready to answer any government question: whatsapp

Meanwhile, WhatsApp, which came under attack from the people for the change in privacy policy, said on Thursday that it is ready to answer any government question on the issue. At the same time, he said that he is also aware that he has to compete with rival companies like Signal as well as the confidence of consumers.

WhatsApp chief Will Cathart said the Facebook-owned company is committed to the privacy and security of all consumers in India and wants to let them know that their messages are as end-to-end encrypted as before. Also, after the policy change, a large number of people leaving WhatsApp on platforms like Telegram and Signal said that we know that we have to maintain the trust of consumers.

He responded in negativity when challenged by rival companies. He said that there is no competition. We are grateful to the people for believing and using WhatsApp. He said that it is good to compete on the issue of privacy as it will help in making various apps more secure and confidential.

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