CES brings virtual world closer to reality

CES brings virtual world closer to reality

LG Rollable Phone
Consumer electronics shops (CES) are going completely digital this year with unique devices ranging from diamond-shining giant TV screens to artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR). World's Largest Technology Companies Organized For the first time 1000 companies are showcasing new and innovative products in the biggest event match made digital venue due to the Digital Kovid-19 epidemic. The show will run from 11 to 14 January. The digital company will provide information about the products by February 15.

More than 4000 companies were involved in CES in Laswegas, usually last year. This time many companies like Google are not involved. Let us know about the promise of innovation woman showing a glimpse of the future -

Laser TV better screen

Chinese company High Sensor announced laser-based TV Strike Roma. It shows much darker colors and pictures of these screens of 70 to 100 inches. The screen of the cinema hall will present colors 50 percent deeper.

HandyBot: The robotic hand of the future

Samsung introduced Robot HandyBot which is the machine hand. It can take a glass of glass from the hand of the guest who has come to drink water or can fill more water in the glass. The concept design of 'Retail Watt' was also introduced which will work in hotels and shops.

Cleansing with a robotic sweep

Samsung's JetBot sweeps around the AI90 Plus camera. It is also AI based so that when a big object or person comes in the way of cleaning, it works by moving around it. It has a camera so that monitoring can also be done.

Laundry wash tower

LG offers a washing machine called Wash Tower which is quite high. It occupies less space because it is mounted on the dryer machine. It is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that even novices can learn to wash clothes. Panasonic introduced augmented reality-based heads-up displays (hoods) to keep

AR hood

drivers alert to increase road safety . This will help the driver in identifying road conditions, safety instructions, possible accidents and things.

Virtual reality

Sea-Real showed light-field-display AR and VR handsets. It gives the person the impression of being around things and pictures that are not there. Reya Kom is the digital avatar of LG's presenter at the

Digital Avatar

show, she is also on social media. He gave information about diseases that have eliminated LG infection.

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